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Photo Booth FAQs

What is the difference between the GLAM and SOCIAL booth?

It’s all about PHOTO QUALITY!

While both of these booths are incredibly user-friendly, it’s the image quality that sets them apart.

The Glam Booth utilises a high-end DSLR camera, delivering strikingly clear and sharp images. In contrast, the Social Booth relies on an iPad camera, which may not match the clarity of the Glam Booth.

Do we have to setup and pack down the photo booth ourselves?
Absolutley not.  We will deliver and setup the booth and ensure that it is in working order prior to your event so all you have to do is get ready and strike a pose!

We will return at an agreed time, usually the day after your event, to pack down.*

All we request is that the supplied props and signage please be returned to the prop table that we supplied.

*If we are required to pack down the day of your event and your event is scheduled to complete after 6pm, a late collection surcharge of $150 will be levied.


Can the photo booth be setup outside?

Yes, photo booths can be setup outside, provided the area is weather proof such as under a patio or inside a gazebo.

On occasion, and by prior arrangement only, we may allow the booths to be used outdoors in the open. There are parameters regarding this and will be assessed on a case by case basis.  You may be required to pay for an attendant to man the booth in this situation.

Please note that if you don’t disclose that the booth is to be set up outside during the inquiry/consultation period and we arrive at your party venue and are instructed to set up outside, we reserve the right to decline the request.

Does your photo booth come supplied with a backdrop?
Yes, we have a range of high quality Tension Fabric Backdrops available for you to choose from.  These measure 2.4×2.4m.  They are suitable for setup indoors or under an enclosed patio/gazebo that is wind proof.

If the area you’ve allocated for the booth is not sheltered, please let us know as we have a small alternative range of backdrops that are suitable for open air events (weather permitting and additional fees apply).

Do you provide props with your booth?
Yes, we have a range of hats, glasses and signs that we provide with the booth.



Does the photo booth require power?
Yes, 240v power is required to setup and for the duration of your event.
Are your photo booth's easy to use?
Absolutely yes! Within 2 taps of a screen, you’ll have your photos uploaded to your gallery and ready to send via text, email or print!
How many photos can we take?

There is no limit.  You may take as many photos as you wish during your hire period.

Limits do apply to print packages though so ensure you read that FAQ too!

When do we receive our photo's?

Immediately!  Your digital photos are automatically uploaded to an online gallery for you to access during your event!

Your guests can text or email photos they have taken of themselves.

You can choose whether to share the whole gallery with all guests in attendance or only allow access to the photos guests take of themeselves.

How many prints do I get with a print package?

Photo prints are 6×4 postcard size and each event is able to print up to 350 photos.

If you have a large event and require more prints than the print volume above, please get in touch for a customised quote.

Do you supply an attendant with the photo booth?

Our booth’s are super easy to operate, so ordinarily we do not provide an attendant with our photo booths.

There are occasions such as public events for example; trade show, festivals, fairs, or street markets where we may request that an attendant be assigned to supervise the booth.  This can be someone that is from your organisation, or we can provide an attendant at a per hour rate. Please contact us for a quote for this service.

Please see “can the booth be setup outside” FAQ above for additional attendant requirements for outdoor setups. 

How much space is required to set up the booth?
The booth requires a 2.5 x 2x5m space.

A ceiling clearance of 2.5m is required for the backdrop.


What are your payment terms?
If you would like to go ahead with booking a photo booth our payment terms are as follows;

  1. Where your event is more than 10 days from the order date, we require a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the total invoice value of the quotation to be paid to secure your booking. This payment is due within 48 hours of the formal booking documentation being issued. The balance is due 10 days prior to your event date.
  2. Where your event is less than 10 days prior to the event date, the full invoice value must be paid within 48 hours of the formal booking documents being issued.
What is your photo booth cancellation/refund policy?
Cancellations must be made in writing, via email, to Oh My Balloon Bar.

-If you wish to cancel your event with more than 10 days before your event date the following policy applies;
Fifty Percent (50%) of the total invoice value paid is a non-refundable booking fee.  If you paid more than 50% of the invoice value, the balance will be refunded within 20 days receipt of request to cancel.

-If you wish to cancel your event and 10 or less days remain until your event date all monies paid will be forfeited.

– Subject to availability, your event may be postponed, once only, to a future date within 6 months of original booking date and any amounts paid will be transferred to said date.

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