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For DIY Garlands and Hire Equiment

Thank you for choosing Oh My Balloon Bar (hereafter “our”, “we”, “us”) for your special event. This is an Agreement under which you (hereafter ‘the Client’, ‘Hirer’, ‘you’ or ‘your’) agree to use the Services (‘the Terms’) supplied by us.

Please read these terms carefully before booking with us or using our Goods and Services. The Terms below are important because they set out the rights and obligations of you as the Client, when using our Goods and Services (‘Your Booking/Order’).

Your Order is confirmed once you have paid the amount due, and you confirm that by making payment your confirm your agreement to be bound by these Terms. This agreement expressly supersedes prior agreements or arrangements with you.


(a) Oh My Balloon Bar agrees to grant a temporary bailment of the Equipment to you, in exchange for your payment, as required under this Agreement.

(b) The Hirer acknowledges that during, and outside of, the Hire Period, Oh My Balloon Bar retains full title to the Equipment, subject only to the rights of the Hirer as a mere bailee of the Equipment, with a right only to possess and use the Equipment, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

(c) The Hirer’s rights to use the Equipment is as a bailee only.

(d) No person will be entitled to use, dispose of or otherwise deal with the Equipment in any way which is inconsistent with Oh My Balloon Bar’s rights or these conditions.

(e) Neither payment of compensation nor any other circumstance or event will amount to, constitute or result in any transfer of title in the property or interest in the Equipment from Oh My Balloon Bar.

(f) Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing by Oh My Balloon Bar, the period of the bailment is for the Hire Period only, but remains determinable in the sole discretion of Oh My Balloon Bar.

(g) In the event that the equipment that has been hired becomes unavailable due to damage or theft, Oh My Balloon Bar reserves the right to substitute the equipment with a product that is comparable and similar in functionality to the current item(s) hired. If comparable and similar equipment is not available, Oh My Balloon Bar will process a full refund. Oh My Balloon Bar shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of Oh My Balloon Bar’s inability to provide equipment due to damage or theft.

(a) A pre-arranged date and time will be select by the client for the collection of Hire items from Oh
agreed between the Client and Oh My Balloon Bar for the collection and return of the hire items. Unless otherwise agreed to delivery and collection times will be scheduled between the following hours:
Tuesday – Friday between 9:30am and 5pm
Saturday – 9am and 1pm

(b) The hire period is for 4 days from date of pre-arranged collection date. Return times must be between the following hours:
Tuesday – Friday between 9:30am and 5pm
Saturday – 9am and 1pm

(c) Oh My Balloon Bar reserves the right to charge a Late Fee if the Client fails to return the Equipment on the pre-arranged date. The Late Fee shall be equivalent to one (1) days hire of the respective Equipment and be charged daily until the Equipment is returned.

(a) Other than as required by law, Oh My Balloon Bar make no representation and give no warranty to the Hirer in relation to the usability or functionality of the Equipment.

(b) It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Equipment hired is suitable for it’s intended purpose.

(c) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to examine the Equipment prior to use to determine fitness and state of repair.

(d) The Hirer agrees to only use the Equipment for its intended use and in accordance with the instructions provided by Oh My Balloon Bar.

(e) The Hirer must ensure that any or all Equipment supplied by Oh My Balloon Bar is supervised by a competent person at all times.

(f) All Equipment supplied on hire remains the property of Oh My Balloon Bar and the Hirer has no legal or equitable interest in the Equipment or any part thereof.

(g) The Hirer agrees to keep the Equipment in his/her custody and not to sublease, rent, sell, remove from the delivery address or the address provided on this Hire Agreement.

(h) The Hirer will be responsible for the Equipment until it is returned to Oh My Balloon Bar, and shall maintain the Equipment in good condition.

(i) No glue, bond or hooks are to be fixed to/and or used on any hire item without written permission from Oh My Balloon Bar.

(j) No holes or cuts are to be made on/in/to any hire item. No exception and no permission will be granted.

(a) Oh My Balloon Bar shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the misuse, or abuse of the Equipment by the Hirer and the Hirer agrees to keep Oh My Balloon Bar indemnified in respect thereof.

(b) In the event of undesirable weather conditions, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure adequate, safe coverage of the Equipment to avoid damage to the Equipment.

(c) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Equipment is secure at all times and where being stored in an unlocked premises, supply such security as to ensure its safekeeping.

(d) In the event of damage* to the Equipment, the Hirer agrees to pay Oh My Balloon Bar an amount equal to:

  • all costs associated with replacing the Equipment plus a 10% administration fee, or
  • all costs associated with the repair of the Equipment plus a 10% administration fee (if deemed repairable).

*Damage includes but is not limited to;

  • Bent or broken framework
  • Excessive paint damage or chips
  • Glue (inclusive of Blu Tack or similar) on surfaces
  • Holes, cuts or pulls in fabric
  • Stains left on surfaces
  • Scratches or chips on acrylic
  • Damage to equipment due to being left in the rain or direct sunlight
  • Damage to the structure of equipment due to incorrect or malicious use

Note: Replacement fees will be charged should any lugs used to tighten frame together be missing on return of framework.

(e) Where applicable, you will be required to complete and submit a Credit Card Authorisation Form for the surety of equipment included in the associated order of this agreement. Failure to complete the Credit Card Bond Request Form will cause the booking to be cancelled and any money paid forfeited.

(f) In the event that any item of Equipment is damaged, unclean or missing, Oh My Balloon Bar will charge to your nominated credit card as follows;

  • Where items are damaged beyond repair and require replacement, we charge we charge your credit card at three times the hire fee + a 10% administration fee.
  • Where items require excessive cleaning or repair you will be charged $70 per hour to clean or repair PLUS any time at the current hire rate that the item is out of our inventory, at a maximum of 2 days per week.

(g) Oh My Balloon Bar reserves the right to, without notice, charge the client with any amounts incurred by Oh My Balloon Bar to replace or rectify damage to equipment. Oh My Balloon Bar will issue to the client a corresponding invoice for said damage or replacement fees.

(h) Should the provided credit card be declined the amount required for replacement or repair, Oh My Balloon Bar will issue an invoice to replace or rectify damaged equipment is to be settled within 7 days of receipt.

If the Client cancels the order prior to the collection date, the Client acknowledges this will cause a reasonably foreseeable loss to Oh My Balloon Bar and the Client agrees that 25% of the order value will be forfeited. You acknowledge and accept that this fee is not refundable. The purpose of this fees is to not only secure our Goods and Services, but to pay for administration costs and design of your order.

(a) If the booking is cancelled with more than 5 days remaining before the collection date, Oh My Balloon bar will provide a refund of the amount paid, excluding 25% aforementioned fee.

(b) Should less than 5 days remain prior to the event date; The Client will not be entitled to any refund.

(d) In the event that Oh My Balloon Bar is required to cancel the Client’s order for any reason whatsoever, it will at its sole discretion and within three (3) business days of the Client being notified of the cancellation, refund all amounts paid by the Client to Oh My Balloon Bar; and

(e) Oh My Balloon Bar will not be liable for any loss or damage that the Client may suffer, arising from, or caused or contributed by, Oh My Balloon Bar Bar’s cancellation.

In the event that the Client wishes to reschedule the order for any reason, including due to any imposed restrictions resulting from a pandemic or any other force majeure event, any rescheduling of the Booking will only be effected once confirmed in writing by Oh My Balloon Bar and subject to the following provisions;

(a) If the Client wishes to reschedule the date of the event, Oh My Balloon Bar will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate the new date, however is under no obligation to provide the Hire Equipment or Services on the new date. This is at the sole discretion of Oh My Balloon Bar.

(b) Any rescheduled date must be within six (6) months of the original order collection date and Oh My Balloon Bar will credit any Booking Fee and/or part of the Price paid by the Client towards the rescheduled Booking.

(c) If the Client’s has requested to postpone or reschedule to a mutually agreeable future date, then a new Contract outlining the terms of the agreement will be sent to the Client.

(d) Any rescheduled Order will be adjusted and charged per the prices in effect at the time of the rescheduled event.

(e) The Client has the benefit of this clause only once.

(a) The Client is responsible for reviewing the Order and notifying Oh My Balloon Bar of any amendments.

(b) Notifications of amendments may be made by phone, but must be also supported by written notice sent via email to hello@ohmyballoonbar.com.au

(c) It is the Clients responsibility to verify that amendments made to the Order were received by Oh My Balloons Bar. Oh My Balloon Bar will not be held responsible for any miscommunications which may result from a failure to do so.

(d) Increases or amendments to the Clients total order can be made up until 48 hour prior to the collection date.

(e) If the Client wishes to make any variation to their Order which results in a reduction in the total Price (“Reduction Value”); such variations are to be made no later than five (5) days before the collection date, otherwise the Client must pay an amount equal to 50% of the Reduction Value.

If Oh My Balloon Bar is unable to perform their obligations under this agreement due to illness, pandemic, Federal or State Government restrictions, emergency, wind, fire, explosion, casualty, strike, civil disobedience, unsafe environment, threat, act of God, war, riots, embargoes, legislation not in force as at the date of this agreement, acts of its vendors or third party suppliers or causes beyond the control of Oh My Balloon Bar, Oh My Balloon Bar will notify the Hirer as soon as possible and either:

any amounts paid by the Client to Oh My Balloon Bar can be applied towards a rescheduled date in accordance with clause 6; or
the 25% fee paid by the Client to Oh My Balloon Bar will be forfeited in favour of Oh My Balloon Bar and any further payments will no longer be required to be paid by the Hirer.

(a) Oh My Balloon Bar are only liable to the Hirer to the extent permitted by law.

(b) The Hirer acknowledges and accepts that persons using the Equipment can be injured.

(c) Oh My Balloon Bar are not liable to the Hirer or anyone else for any expenditure, injury, loss or damage:

  • arising out of the hire and use of the Equipment,
  • arising from late delivery of the Equipment,
  • arising from an inadequate amount of space for the Equipment to be used safely,
  • arising from the Hirer ordering the incorrect Equipment, or insufficient quantities of the Equipment, or where the Equipment is hired for a purpose which is outside the Equipment’s specifications.

(d) The Hirer indemnifies Oh My Balloon Bar against any liability to any third party who suffers injury, loss or damage where such injury, loss or damage is caused wholly or partly as a consequence of any negligent act or omission or other failure on the Hirer’s part to ensure the Equipment is used, stored, erected or transported safely.

(e) Oh My Balloon Bar will not be liable, whether before or after the Hire Period, for any loss or damage that the Hirer suffers arising from, or caused or contributed by, Oh My Balloon Bar’s negligence, nor will Oh My Balloon Bar be liable for special, indirect or consequential loss or damage as a result of a breach by Oh My Balloon Bar of the Agreement, including but not limited to loss of profits or revenue, the costs arising from the loss of the use of the Equipment and the costs of any substitute Equipment, which the Hirer acquires.

(f) Although great care has been taken by Oh My Balloon Bar to accurately reflect Equipment in photographs displayed on our website and/or other advertising material, you agree and acknowledge that these photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from Equipment depicted or described.

(g) The Hirer acknowledges that it enters into this Agreement, having carried out its own due diligence as to the condition, suitability and fitness of the Equipment for the Hirer’s purpose, and that it has not relied on any skill and judgment, or on any representation made by, or on behalf of, Oh My Balloon Bar.

(a) Oh My Balloon Bar respects the Hirer’s privacy and complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Any personal information the Hirer provides Oh My Balloon Bar in order to supply Equipment according to this agreement will be dealt with pursuant to the privacy laws.

If this agreement is signed on behalf of the client then the person signing covenants that they have the authority to sign this agreement as a duly authorised agent of the client and accepts personal responsibility for the performance of the terms of this Agreement.

These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of Western Australia and the Client and the Owner submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

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