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We love creating custom balloon arrangements for your special occasion and here are some variations we offer at Oh My Balloon Bar!

The colours below are for illustration purposes only. You can customise your balloon colours to suit your theme/event.

You can order some of our most loved balloon bouquets in our online store by following the links. To enquire about or order the bigger creations such as the balloon garlands, simply fill in the form below.

Unless noted, standard latex balloons are provided. Inclusion of confetti or chrome balloons will be quoted on per order. If you don’t see something that you love, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Latex Balloon Bouquets

  • 3 Balloons $12.50
  • 4 Balloons $15.25
  • 5 Balloons $18.00
  • 6 Balloons $20.75
  • 7 Balloons $23.50
  • 8 Balloons $26.25
  • 9 Balloons $29.00
  • 10 Balloons $31.75

Add additional latex balloons for $2.75 each (no weight)

Loose balloon is $2.75 each (no weight)

*Latex Substations
Chrome Latex Balloons +$1 each
Printed Latex Balloon + $1 each
Confetti Balloons +$7.50 each
Balloon Transportation Bags $1.20 each

Jumbo Balloons

90cm $42

*Add personalisation to balloon +$20

46cm Foil Balloon & Latex Bouquet

from $25

1 x 46 cm Foil Balloon​ for all kinds of occasion, with

+ 4 Latex Balloons $25
+ 5 Latex Balloons $27.50
+ 6 Latex Balloons $30.75
+ 7 Latex Balloons $33.50
+ 8 Latex Balloons $36.25

4 Foil Balloons


Mix and Match any 45cm Star, Heart, Circle or any
45cm printed foil balloon

Mid-Sized Number Bouquet


1 66cm Gold Foil Number
1 Printed Foil Balloon
5 Latex Balloons

Add additional foil number

+$18 each 

Large Number Foil & Latex Bouquet

1 86cm Foil Number

+ 4 Latex Balloons $39.50
+ 6 Latex Balloons $44.00
+ 8 Latex Balloons $48.50
+ 9 Latex Balloons $50.50

Large SuperShape & Latex Bouquet

from $42

1 x Themed SuperShape Foil 

+ 4 Latex Balloons $42
+ 6 Latex Balloons $47.50
+ 8 Latex Balloons $53
+ 9 Latex Balloons $55.75

Deco Bubble & 6 Latex Balloons


1 x Themed Deco Bubble
6 x Latex Balloons

SuperShape Foil Bouquet


1 Themed Foil SuperShape
2 46cm Themed Foil Balloons
2 Plain Stars or Hears Foil Shapes

Old School Balloon Bouquet

Mega $132

7 x Latex balloons
2 x Foil stars
2 x Orbz foil balloons
1 x 46cm Happy Birthday Foil
1 x 40cm Confetti-filled balloon

Regular $77

4 x Latex balloons
1 x Foil star
1 x Orbz foil balloon
1 x 46cm Happy Birthday Foil
1 x 40cm Confetti-filled balloon

Personalised Foil Orbz


Add 3 Confetti Balloons + $30

*Please allow at least 24-hour turnaround time

Personalised Balloon Bubble

Confetti Inside $66

Mini Balloons Inside $80

*Please allow at least 24-hour turnaround time

Double Bubble


Add Personalisation + $20

*Please allow at least 24-hour turnaround time

Foil Number

86cm $25


Personalised Gender Reveal Balloon

90cm latex balloon filled with mini balloons and confetti in pink or blue.  

*Please allow at least 24-hour turnaround time

Clear Latex Confetti Balloons

Small: 40cm $20
Big: 80cm $60

Table Top Balloon Marquee


41cm foil number
Helium filled foil star, heart or any 46cm printed foil 

Add Personalisation to foil shape + $20

Without helium foil $25

Make it a double number +$15

*Please allow at least 24-hour turnaround time

Balloon Marquee

Demi $100

Deluxe From $200

Demi includes 1x number or
1x themed SuperShape, 1x 18″ foil +      4 latex helium balloons

*Deluxe is a super large Marquee themed to suit your event

Organic Balloon Garland Installation

From $100 per meter

Addition of orbz, confetti or custom colours will be quoted on and prices will vary depending on the look you are wanting to achieve.

Minimum order 2m then per meter thereafter

Grab-and-Go Balloon Garland

2m Plain Latex Colours – $105

2m with a sprinkling of Chrome Latex Colours – $115

Standard balloon sizes only – No jumbo balloons

Mini Table Arch

From $130 for 2m

Add Clouds + $20 

Add Chrome + $20

Custom colours by quote 

Large Arch installations from $390 for 6m

1.4m Balloon Column

From $95*

Add 90cm Latex balloon top + $20

Add personalisation to 90cm balloon + $20

Add large foil number or SuperShape + $25

*Plus $50 bond for column base and pole
refunded on return – if you can’t return,
discuss alternative option with staff

String-of-Pearl Helium Arch

From $88 for 19 Balloons

Order Your Balloon by Completing This Form!

If you prefer to have a chat about your order, give Tanya a call on 08 6162 9736

Oh My Balloon Bar is a family-owned business based in Forrestfield and delivers balloons within the Perth Metropolitan area.
Visit us at Unit 5, 169 Berkshire Road, Forrestfield 6058

* Important Notes About Balloons *

Helium expands with heat and foil balloons will pop if placed or left in a hot car.

We use an inflation regulator that inflates foil and latex balloons to the exact pressure needed to stay afloat and there is little room left for expansion caused by heat. With this in mind please ensure that when you arrive to collect your balloons that your vehicle has had the air conditioner running and the interior of your vehicle is cool.

When you load balloons into your vehicle, ensure that they do not come in contact with the metal exterior, your car windows, metal fixtures or light fittings as these can cause your balloons to pop. When taking balloons out of your vehicle, ensure that they don't come in contact with any exterior surface that has retained heat or has a rough surface.  

Unfortunatelyonce the balloons leave our door they are out of our control and no refund or free remake will be offered if they pop or deflate. No exceptions apply. We are happy to remake the balloons with a 20% remake discount. Please note that wait times will apply should we be busy with other orders.

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